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World Beer Museum In Tokyu Sky Tree Town・Solamachi Store 1-1-2 Oshiage,Sumida-ku,Tokyo Tokyo Sky Tree Town ・ Solamachi 7F TEL&FAX:03-5610-2648

Try a unique beer-tasting experience at the new beer museum

Museum beer set

United Kingdom

Smooth and rich taste that is full of the aroma of whisky-like malt that is reminiscent of the English pub culture.


Orthodox beer that is full of tradition and origin and made strictly from simple materials following time-honored methods.

United States

A powerful, strong beer with an intense character that charms and overturns conventions!?

Czech Republic

Birth-place of modern beer. Made using the world’s finest hops, a dark, full-flavored beer that is refreshingly cool.


The country with the greatest variety of beers in the world. The faint but alluring fragrance and flavor of the yeast brings out the full flavors of the food.

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